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.it's a wonderful town.

In December 2010, it began. New York City was the epicenter and gods and mortals of bygone days were drawn there. Shadows of their former selves, not all remembered who they were and none knew that their lives had become playthings for Khaos.

In March 2012, following who knows what manner of tug of war (because it is always, always a game), our gods and goddesses, our nymphs and our angels, our mortals and, yes, even our mythical animals were returned to New York City.

They do say it's the city that never sleeps. It is only natural that the city's puppet-master never sleeps, either.

You can try to break the cycle but whether you're Odin All-Father or Zeus Thunderer, whether you're a Queen of Hell or a Queen of Sparta, you will fail. Settle in, instead, and learn to roll with the punches.

Applications open; 8th (23:59 EST) - 16th (23:59 EST) every month.

Mythopoeics started in Dec. 2010 over at livejournal! For previous events, shenanigans and such please look over at our livejournal communities.

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I hope this is ok but if it is not: please, delete my post!

I was wondering if anyone knew about some retelling/media about the Mabinogion (I'm actually referring to the Four Branches of the Mabinogi). I am looking for movies (even if only some characters of the Mabinogion appear), documentaries, novels, comics etc.
I already know the albums/songs by Heather Dale and Elin Fflur. I also read Mabinogion (Evangeline Walton) and The Chronicles of Prydain (Lloyd Alexander).

Thank you for your attention : D
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.old gods never die. they simply get recycled.
You all know their myths, when they were influential and absolute, but what comes around goes around - karma came knocking at their doors and these Gods died. Subjected to a higher power, they have lived again, and again - only shadows of their former selves. God shells with only a fraction of their original power. They bleed and die like mortals, but are not quite that.

Christian, Celtic, Greek and Norse deities reborn as mortals and living in 2010, some remember their past, some do not but in this day and age knowledge is power. Welcome to NYC, cosmopolitan capital of the world, here they are gathering - gods, monsters, heroes- they all feel the calling of something but no one is quite sure of what.
Apps & Reserves- Open. Game start 15 DEC.
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Circle of earth

Dear scholars and students,

I have a question about the nature of the concept of the circle of earth (heaven), which we find in Old English under the name ymbhwyrft (simply circle) and in Old Norse under heimskringla (as in the name for Snorri's famous book).
Could you please think of the ways this concept may have originated? Does it have anything to do with Christianity, or possibly Greek philosophy? I am reasonably sure that this is not part of the Germanic pagan world model.

Thank you!


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Dear all, I've been wondering about this: have any of you, in your work/reading on mythology, come across the motive of the bull and four springs?
The symbolism of the bull and the springs in their separate contexts is well attested, but do you know of a context where these occur TOGETHER?
Thanks for your kind advice, Mel.
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a new book - Living Myth: Exploring Archeytpal Journeys

Over the last few years I’ve explored the difference between myths (which are how cultures teach their members to be good members of them) and archetype (how people actually live the stories of mythic figures).

An important example is that of Lilith. The mythology we’ve had handed down to us (if we’ve gotten anything on her at all) says that if you live part of Lilith’s story, you’ll be punished for it. This kind of culture thrives when everyone submits to its order and control requirements, so if you stand up for yourself and assert equality, the culture says, things are going to be hard for you. So you shouldn’t bother. Which teaches people to disregard an important part of themselves, which leads to distortion of our true natures and all sorts of health issues on all levels.


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В моем журнала вы сможете  найти книги по искусству, спорту, русской литературе,  а также букинистические издания и издания издательства ACADEMIA. Также вы сможете оставить заявку на поиск необходимой вам книги,  поиск осуществляется по базе и он бесплатен  заказы оставлять на емейил  torgovecknig@gmail.com.  Всю необходимую информацию, а также фото и цену вы можете запросить по  емейлу  torgovecknig@gmail.com.

Наличие книг не ограничено этим списком и приближается к отметки почти в двое меньшей чем все книги на озоне, наличие любой книги вы можете узнать по емейлу.

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Hi - I do a lot of work with Lilith, both in retelling the myth to support folks in letting go of the demonization of the feminine, and with counseling clients working with issues relating to Lilith - domination, abuse, having to leave home/family, making peace with the wild feminine within, etc.

I thought I'd post some links to things in case anyone here's interested. There's some astrology here, as that's my main gig, but there's a lot of useful info for those not into it or not exposed to it.

An article on my site laying out my thoughts on her:

An audio interview:

An article in the magazine of the South Africa Astrological Association, on Lilith and Lucifer as shadow archetypes we can learn to look at and live with - "Seeing In The Dark":

A handful of blog posts on Lilith: http://tdjacobs.com/blog/?cat=4

And finally, I offer an astrological natal report all about Lilith - looking at yours in your birth chart. It can be ordered via my site, http://tdjacobs.com.


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I was wondering if there are any legends similar to the Wendigo found in South/Central American mythos. If so, what do Quetzal birds have to do with it?

Thanks for any help.

X-Posted to my LJ.
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